CRR Spring Fling


For several years this event has been known as the Iceberg Open, conducted at a time of the year when the weather was still typically very cold and you never knew what you might get.  Although that may be somewhat the case, we felt the name may have chased some potential players away.  In recent years, we have experienced more spring and summer-like weather with temperatures in the 60's & 70's.  Not that it will always be the case, but we feel that changing the name to the Spring Fling gives a more positive flair and a positive feel. 

So, still co-sponsored by the Sandbagger Saloon and Dinner House, it will be a great kick-off event to the golf season in Central Oregon.  A two-person team event open to Men and Women with established USGA handicaps, it is a competitive but fun tournament with lots to play for and the beauty and ambiance of the Ranch to enjoy.

This year we have chosen to partner with the American Cancer Society to not only boost the interest to play but to help support a very worthy cause.  There will be a number of fun "Extra Games" on selected tees during the 1st round Scramble and we believe it will add to the event.

We hope you will join us this year for another great time at Crooked River Ranch...The GEM of Central Oregon!!


April 21-22, 2018
To register for the event, please enter via the golf genius portal below and mail your entry fee to:
Crooked River Ranch GC
5195 SW Clubhouse Rd
Crooked River Ranch, OR 97760


Additional information can be found on the: ID:  DXBGKQ